When And How To Seek Mental Health Services

The recent years have seen a massively positive response to mental health services. As people are getting aware, they are removing the taboo associated with mental health. Therefore, mental health services in saint johns, mi have become more accessible and popular. 

When should you seek help

You don’t necessarily have to show certain symptoms to seek help from a mental health professional. Just as you might go for regular physical health check-ups, you can go on regular mental health check-ups. However, if you have any of the following symptoms, you should not think twice before seeking help.

·    Suicidal thoughts

·    Self-hard thoughts

·    Thoughts about bringing physical or mental harm to others

·    Prolonged episodes of anger, worry, fear, or anxiety

·    Prolonged or abnormal bursts of certain emotions

·    Hallucinations

mental health services in saint johns,

·    Delusions

·    Memory loss

·    Extensive changes in appetite

·    Obsessive thoughts about seemingly irrational things

·    Abnormal changes in your sleep pattern

·    Drastic changes in your sleep pattern

·    Substance abuse

How you can seek help

If you’ve made up your mind and need to see a mental health professional, you must first get an appointment with a physician. Based on your symptoms, the physician can direct you to the right mental health professional. You can then make an appointment with the doctors recommended by your physician.

Getting help in an emergency

In case you need immediate help, you could either dial 911 or get emergency help from a nearby hospital. You should call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-8255 for 24 x 7 support.  

Mental health is important to consider to lead a healthy and happy life. Getting mental health services has become much easier in recent years. Therefore, if you’re going through a rough phase in your life or are having other issues, you should not think twice and get help.